Greenhouse Projects

Organic Strawberry Revolution 

In the heartland of Delta, Ohio, Nature Fresh Farms has embarked on an ambitious mission to grow organic strawberries, responding to the increasing demand for this delicious fruit.  

Nature Fresh Farms has established a reputation as a pioneer in the greenhouse sector thanks to its dedication to offering customers fresh, tasty, and sustainably grown fruit.  

The need for a sizable, cutting-edge greenhouse expansion became clear as consumer demand for organic strawberries grew.  

Project Details 

South Essex Fabricating demonstrated full ownership of this greenhouse construction project, overseeing its inception to its completion. Our team invested a lot of effort to make sure that the greenhouse’s construction adhered to industry standards, paying incredible attention to detail when installing new greenhouse growing technologies, including autonomous carts and advanced organic growing systems, all of which are integrated with our 360° greenhouse solutions.   

Greenhouse Area: 45 Acres 

Gable Post Height: 7.3 Meter 

Bay Length: 265 Meter 

Trellis: 8 Meter 

Roof Pitch & Glass: 21.6 Degrees 

Nurturing Sustainability 

The collaboration between South Essex Fabricating and Nature Fresh Farms is a shining example of what can be accomplished when creativity, sustainability, and knowledge are combined.  

The Ohio greenhouse facility is helping to shape the future of organic farming by guaranteeing a reliable and sustainably produced strawberry supply for consumers.  

South Essex Fabricating’s success in constructing this greenhouse for Nature Fresh Farms is helping the produce leader plant the seeds for a more sustainable and productive future. 

Visit the Nature Fresh Farms, Ohio Expansion Project Page for more information and photos of the Ohio completion project.