Greenhouse Solutions

A Greenhouse Renovation

In addition to installing a variety of growing systems integrated into new construction, our knowledgeable team also provides retrofitting services for existing greenhouse operations. 

This means we can convert the growing systems in your existing greenhouse into a new system that is optimized for your unique crop configurations.  A good example of this would be converting a pepper greenhouse into a strawberry greenhouse. Whatever the project may be, there are countless retrofitting options that we can explore together to elevate the growing systems in your greenhouse.  

The Transformation

There are many advantages to retrofitting an existing greenhouse operation. Since growing technologies and infrastructure are always evolving, many greenhouses can benefit from improvements designed to lower emissions, improve energy efficiency, and create an optimized growing climate. 

Climate Control

Retrofitting helps maintain constant internal temperatures by enhancing insulation, upgrading windows and doors, and updating growing technology to more efficiently manage humidity levels and temperature controls. All these enhancements can drastically reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling.  

The integration of smart technology and controls into retrofit projects also enables exact modifications to be made based on real-time data, ensuring peak climate conditions and maximizing energy efficiency. 


Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic systems can be significantly improved with retrofitting solutions, which benefits both crop growth and resource efficiency. By upgrading irrigation systems, growers can ensure precise and efficient water delivery to crops, reducing water wastage and promoting optimal plant growth. 

The dependability of hydroponic systems can be improved by making upgrades to the system infrastructure, such as better piping, fertilizer delivery systems, or advanced monitoring systems. 

Additionally, retrofitting enables the installation of HVAC and lighting systems that use less energy. This results in healthier plants, higher yields, and more environmentally friendly growing methods.

Crop Environment

To ensure your plants have the optimal growing environment, it may also be beneficial to upgrade irrigation monitoring and humidity control systems, replace Insulation, seal existing leaks, or look at natural ventilation options. 

Additionally, growers can make data-driven decisions through the integration of smart technology and data analytics, to help optimize resource allocation and overall crop health. 

Retrofit Ready

While the times when greenhouses were made specifically to grow one crop are behind us, these types of greenhouse operations still have a lot to offer your business and the agriculture industry thanks to retrofitting solutions.   

Retrofitting enables you to modify your greenhouse to meet changing crop needs without building a brand-new structure. We believe that updating and enhancing existing growing systems in your greenhouse operation can still lead to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. 

If you’re ready to transform your greenhouse with the best growing systems available on the market, get in touch with our team today – we’re ready to help make your plans a reality. 

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